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Graphite Machining

As an old manufacturer, we have rich experience for machining all kinds of graphite parts. Please feel free to contact us if you need any graphite parts, please send us the drawing or let us know your application and using conditions, our specialist will help to work out the best solution for you!

Graphite Sagger for Lithium Battery Anode Material

Graphite saggar or graphite box is a material box for sintering, the main raw material is refractory graphite; It has certain thermal conductivity and stability, corrosion resistance; It is used for sintering lithium batteries materials, which can ensure the quality of the battery.

Graphite Plate for SPD

Graphite plate or disk is a part of the surge protector, surge protector is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment, often called "lightning arrester" or "overvoltage protector", English abbreviation for SPD.

Graphite Parts for High temperature vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace graphite parts have been widely used in vacuum furnaces, not only for manufacturing heating elements and heat shields of vacuum furnaces, but also for manufacturing mechanical structures such as brackets, pallets, guides, bolts, bearings, and wind blades. The application of graphite in vacuum furnace greatly simplifies the design and manufacture of vacuum furnace, reduces the consumption of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, stainless steel and other metals, reduces the cost, improves the performance of vacuum furnace, and expands the application range of vacuum furnace.