How to use the graphite crucible for melting gold ?


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【Summary description】Graphite crucible is a kind of high temperature melting metal container, made of graphite material, has good high temperature resistance and chemical stability. When using a graphite melting crucible, the following points need to be noted

1. Preparation: Before using the graphite melting gold crucible, it is necessary to clean and preheat it. The crucible is placed in a high temperature furnace and heated to about 500°C for 2-3 hours to remove impurities and water in the crucible.

2. Loading: Put the metal raw materials that need to be melted into the graphite crucible, be careful not to fill them too full, so as not to cause the crucible to break when the metal is melted.

3. Melting: Put the graphite crucible into the high temperature furnace, heating to the metal melting point above, keep a certain time, so that the metal is completely melted. In the smelting process, the metal liquid needs to be continuously stirred to ensure the uniformity of the smelting.

4. Pour the liquid: Pour the melted metal liquid into the mold for casting. In the pouring process, it is necessary to pay attention to control the temperature and speed to avoid the splashing and oxidation of the metal liquid.

5. Cleaning: Remove the graphite crucible from the high temperature furnace, put it into the water to cool, and then clean the impurities and residues on the inner and outer surfaces of the crucible with a brush.

Precautions: Pay attention to safety during operation to avoid damage from high temperature and metal liquids. At the same time, the service life of the graphite crucible is limited, and it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the melting effect and safety.