Raw Material


For special application or using conditions, we can do purification for the material or the products to improve the purity of the product, so that it can meet the purpose perfectly.

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Anti-oxidation Treatment

Graphite antioxidant coating products are based on artificial graphite, and the surface of graphite products is treated with special coating, so as to improve the antioxidant capacity of graphite products and extend the service life. It is widely used in metallurgical mold, sintering mold, smelting crucible, impeller and rotor used in high temperature etc.. The service life of the graphite products with this composite coating on the surfaces is much longer than that of the ordinary graphite products (service life is about 3-5 times longer), which solves the problem that graphite products are easy to oxidize in high temperature environment.

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Pyrolytic Carbon Coating

The coating of pyrolytic carbon or pyro-graphite on the surface of the graphite substrate is obtained by chemical vapor deposition in the high temperature, high pressure atmosphere with a hydrocarbon (such as methane or acetylene).

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SiC Coating

Silicon carbide wear-resisting and anti-oxidation coating is a kind of high performance wear-resisting and anti-oxidation material obtained by the composite of high performance silicon carbide attached to the graphite surface by CVD. It is widely used for high-performance materials required by erosion, cavitation and high temperature, and also for the preparation of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of the machine parts with wear-resistant and anti-corrosion requirements.

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