Our products include graphite block, graphite rod, graphite tube, graphite plate, graphite sagger, graphite tray, graphite mould, graphite thermal field, graphite heater, graphite parts for semiconductor, graphite components for vacuum furnace, graphite boat for hard alloy and powder metallurgy sintering, graphite bipolar plate, graphite crucible, graphite electrode, graphite crystallizer, graphite bush, graphite ring, graphite roller, graphite die, graphite bolts, graphite nuts, graphite rotor, graphite bead, graphite support, graphite rope, gouging carbon electrode etc.

Our products are widely used in new energy, solar photovoltaic, electronic semi-conductor, aerospace, industrial high temperature furnace, mechanical processing, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, electrical discharge machining, diamond sintering, chemical industry, glass, medical industry and so on.