Raw Material

New Energy

Graphite material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, etc., is widely used in lithium battery positive and negative material sintering container, called graphite saggar or graphite box.

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Industrial Furnaces

The graphite material is very suitable for use in a vacuum atmosphere with high temperature, and the application temperature can reach 2300 degrees Celsius. At the same time, graphite has the advantages of uniform heating, good electrical conductivity, high current capacity, high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, high chemical purity and high mechanical strength.

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Metal Casting

Graphite material is widely used in metal casting industry because of its good physical and chemical properties.

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Electrical Discharging Machining (EDM)

EDM graphite (Electrical Discharge Machining) is mainly used to process a variety of complex shapes and high precision work pieces, such as punching die, concave die, convex die, fixed plate, discharge plate, etc., forming tools, templates, metal electrodes for EDM forming processing, a variety of micro-holes and channels, micro-groove, arbitrary curves, etc. It has the advantages of small processing allowance, high processing precision, short production cycle and low manufacturing cost, and has been widely used in production.

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Semiconductor manufacturing

The graphite components used in the semiconductor industry have higher requirements for graphite materials, requiring stable quality and low loss, and we use graphite materials with high dense structure, isotropic and ultra-high purity to minimize the particles generated during use.Graphite has the following applications in the semiconductor industry:

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Solar cell (Photovoltaic Industry)

The development of the photovoltaic industry is inseparable from the application of graphite materials in the photovoltaic industry. In the photovoltaic industry, the single crystal thermal field for the manufacture of single crystal silicon, the poly-crystal ingot furnace for the manufacture of poly-silicon, and the poly-crystalline reduction furnace require a large number of graphite accessories.

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